OvuSense – Social Media Management

Who are OvuSense?

OvuSense is an internal fertility and ovulation monitor, designed to help both women, and couples, track ovulation times and core temperatures. OvuSense is proven to give women an 8-day fertile window with 24 hours advanced prediction of ovulation, helping people to conceive faster and naturally.

Services Provided

  • Social media management
  • Pinterest account management
  • Organic audience building
  • Content creation on Instagram
  • Monthly reporting


Emma Victoria Digital has supported with follower growth increase and content creation between May 2019 – November 2019.
The account started off at 4500 followers when taking it over and by November, we had reached 9k followers. During the first month of May – June 2019 , I supported with an increase in engagement (+7.1%) and. by July, there was an increase in profile clicks by 52%. November was the last month of work for OvuSense and by this point, engagement was up by 14% since October.

I took over the Pinterest account from June 2019 and supported with building an online audience, increasing followers and improving engagement rates. The final month of November had an impression increase of over 96%, total audience was up by 110% and engagement was up to 1.6k – an increase of 55%. Overall Emma Victoria Digital support with a growth strategy and what was implemented helped to grow the social media numbers.

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